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Can workers’ compensation help after a construction injury?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Working in the construction industry can be an extremely satisfying experience. Many construction workers in California enjoy putting their skills to use at a job where they can see the results of their labor, and the compensation is usually fairly good too. Unfortunately, no amount of workplace satisfaction and good paychecks can protect a person from a workplace accident and the resulting injuries and aftermath. Workers’ compensation can help, though.

Workers’ compensation is not always understood. Some construction workers might not even realize that they qualify for workers’ comp after being injured on the job, especially if they think their injuries are not as serious as someone else’s. This is certainly not the case. Anyone who was hurt while at work and needs help addressing their injuries can file for workers’ compensation.

These benefits can address things like medical care, temporary disability, permanent disability and even vocational rehabilitation. These benefits ensure an injured worker has adequate access to all necessary medical treatments for their injuries, including those that are aimed at curing their injury or alleviating symptoms. Workers can also expect to receive compensation for lost wages.

At its most basic, workers’ compensation provides necessary access to medical care and compensation for lost wages. However simple this may seem from the outside, actually applying for and achieving workers’ comp can be complicated, particularly for those who are already suffering from a serious construction injury. An experienced California attorney may be able to help explain a victim’s options for filing or even appealing a decision.