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Does your injury qualify for workers’ compensation benefits?

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You never expected to get hurt on the job, but you ended up in this situation anyway. This can be a difficult time. You know that you need help to move forward with your life and your recovery, but maybe you are not sure whether you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Although it is not always clear, workers’ compensation covers a wide range of work-related injuries. Your employer should be open about whether your injury was related to your work duties. Unfortunately, he or she might possibly try to downplay your chances of getting workers’ comp or even the severity of your injury. Here are a few things you should know about which injuries workers’ compensation covers.

What is a work-related injury?

Your work duties include any tasks that you complete on behalf of or for your employer. Work-related injuries are injuries that you suffer while performing work duties or throughout the course of your employment. This means that if you suffer an injury in the workplace, it is most likely a work-related injury.

However, many employees do not work in dedicated facilities. For example, truckers are usually on the road rather than in an office building. These employees can still receive workers’ compensation for injuries they suffer while operating tractor-trailers.

Other types of work injuries

You already know that you can get compensation for your on-the-job injury. But what about company events that are off the clock? A company-sponsored party could be considered a work activity, and workers’ compensation would likely cover any injuries suffered at that party.

Even if you suffer injuries while you are on break in the employee cafeteria, you probably still qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. This is also true if you are engaged in work-duties off company property. If you are meeting a client at a restaurant and suffer injuries on the way there, at the restaurant or while heading back to work, you could also qualify for benefits.

Don’t ignore your needs

Some victims who are suffering from work-related accidents try to push through their pain and suffering to keep going at work. This is usually not a good idea. Doing so can exacerbate already serious injuries and only delays the process for receiving benefits.

If you are ready to file for workers’ compensation benefits, you may need help. Insurance companies are rarely on the side of workers, and it is not uncommon for them to deny people the first time around. Whether you need help preparing your initial application or an appeal for a recent denial, be sure to speak with an experienced attorney who understands the California workers’ compensation system.