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Who qualifies for workers’ compensation in California?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

People in California and across the country could spend as much time completing their work-related tasks as they spend in their own homes. Regardless of the nature of a person’s occupation, he or she could face a variety of different injuries as a result of completing these tasks. As such, state laws require that most employers provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits for their employees.

These benefits cover a variety of different injuries. In fact, a person who suffers from carpal tunnel, a repetitive motion injury, may deserve compensation as could a person who suffers a broken leg due to a fall from a ladder. Compensation is not limited to those who have physical injuries; those suffering from depression or anxiety, and other effects on their mental health, as a result of their work responsibilities may also deserve compensation.

The injury does not have to occur at a central place of business. For example, injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident while using a vehicle owned by the company to complete work-related tasks may also be compensable. Injuries suffered at work-sponsored social events, such as a holiday party where alcohol is involved, may also qualify for compensation. Even injuries suffered at lunch could be covered if the victim was meeting with a client or injured in a cafeteria at work, for examples.

In a perfect world, a workers’ compensation claim in California will be promptly addressed and adequate compensation paid. However, in some cases insurance companies may question whether an injury was actually the result of a workplace injury while in others, victims may feel unprepared to negotiate with an insurance company while they are recovering. As such, there are legal professionals who have experience with the process and can help these victims in their pursuit of a fair settlement.