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California Highway Patrol officer suffers work-related injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2019 | Types Of Work-Related Injuries |

Most people in California and across the country are aware that police officers put their lives at risk on the job every day. While the most prevalent belief likely centers around the most common cause of harm coming from those they interact with who may be suspected of a crime, members of the California Highway Patrol who spend a great deal of time of the roadways could also suffer work-related injuries due to traffic accidents. Unfortunately, such appears to be the case for one officer.

The incident that sent the veteran police officer to the hospital reportedly happened around 9:15 a.m. on a day in October. According to reports, the officer was riding a motorcycle when he struck the rear of a vehicle. He was ejected from the motorcycle while it continued on into other lanes where it was struck by another vehicle.

The officer reportedly suffered injuries to his lower body that news reports describe as “major.” At last report, he required surgery and was in stable condition. Both of the other drivers involved in the accident remained at the scene. The incident forced closures of multiple lanes of traffic. 

Work-related injuries that require surgery and extended hospital stays can easily create a complicated financial situation for victims and their families. Because of this, employers in California and across the country are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Many people who are recovering from their injuries often feel unprepared to negotiate for fair compensation, often prompting them to seek guidance from attorneys with experience with the process.