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Workplace injuries due to chemical exposure can be fatal

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2019 | Types Of Work-Related Injuries |

There is no doubt that workers in California and across the country can experience injuries while completing their job responsibilities. While many people who consider workplace injuries think of those that come from a fall or other similar accident, there are many people who become ill as a result of exposure to a chemical. In fact, a man in another state recently lost his life following exposure to fumes from a chemical.

The incident involved a 32-year-old man who worked as the general manager of a Buffalo Wild Wings. According to a preliminary investigation conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a different employee attempted to clean the kitchen floor with two different substances, Scale Kleen and Super 8, a cleaner that contains sodium hypochlorite. The two substances reportedly interacted with one another, creating toxic fumes.

The employee left the building to get fresh air, but the general manager remained and attempted to flush the substances from the building. He eventually went outside, but he was transported to the hospital. Tragically, he died. Several others, both employees and customers, also sought hospital treatment. Symptoms included burning eyes and difficulty breathing. 

Reports indicate that the man was married only last year and only recently became a father. Now his family is left to adjust to life following his unexpected death. Because of the potential for workplace injuries due to chemical exposure and other dangers, employers in California are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits that can help victims of workplace accidents with the financial ramifications. These benefits often extend to certain family members in the event of a fatality. An attorney can guide the family through the compensation process.