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Workers’ compensation: Man seriously injured in work accident

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

For many people in California, certain aspects of their job are relatively routine. Despite this, they are still at risk of becoming injured, which is why states require that employers provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage. In fact, a man in another state may be entitled to comp benefits following an industrial accident.

The accident happened on a day in late November. According to reports provided by a representative of the union of which the victim was a member, the worker was a maintenance technician at a steel factory. While details of the accident are unclear, he was reportedly working on a blast furnace when he was struck by something.

Workers have been working to restore the furnaces since they were shut down just before Thanksgiving. Reports indicate that the cause of the shutdown is a leak in a pipe that supplies water from a nearby lake to cool the furnaces. While the man’s current condition is unknown, those with information regarding the incident say that he will survive his injuries.

Unfortunately, such injuries can have a lifetime impact on a person, potentially preventing him or her from returning to work in the same capacity. In addition to lost wages during the recovery period, victims can also face extensive hospital bills. Fortunately, workers’ compensation insurance benefits can help them cope with these complications, with help with lost wages, medical costs and even the costs of job retraining, if necessary. An experienced attorney can help victims of workplace accidents in California seek the compensation they deserve.