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Firefighters rescue worker following industrial accident

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

When people in California think of dangerous jobs, the first things that come to mind often include first responders such as firefighters and police officers. However, there are many occupations, such as those involving the use of heavy machinery, that are equally as dangerous to workers. In fact, a recent industrial accident in another state has sent a man to the hospital.

Rescue workers were reportedly called to the scene around 7 a.m. on a day February. Reports indicate that the accident happened at a distribution center for a clothing company specializing in big and tall men’s clothing. He reportedly became entangled in a piece of machinery. Specifically, his chest reportedly became caught when he fell onto a conveyor belt.

Reports indicate that firefighters were able to extricate him from the equipment. The worker was then transported to the hospital by helicopter. While he is said to be in stable condition, reports indicate that his injuries are serious.

Unfortunately, even the safest workers can become the victim of an industrial accident. Serious injuries such as those this man suffered can require significant medical treatment, resulting in stacks of medical bills. These bills are often more than most people can afford, especially when combined with the consequences of lost wages due to missed work. As such, states such as California require that employers provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits. Because victims of such accidents do not feel as if they are adequately prepared to negotiate with an insurance company, they often choose to seek guidance from an experienced attorney.