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What do you need to get back to work after a workplace accident?

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When a person suffers an injury in workplace accident, it is more than an inconvenience. This event can lead to a ripple effect of financial loss and other complications, but workers’ compensation benefits can offset that disruption. These benefits can provide coverage of medical care, lost wages and more, and it can also help an injured worker eventually get back to work. 

If you were hurt in a workplace accident, you may need to know about rehabilitation benefits. These benefits can provide you with certain types of help that you may need as you are ready to reenter the workforce or get back to your previous job. This can be a difficult transition, and it’s important to make sure you have what you need. You don’t want to leave any benefits on the table.

What are rehabilitation benefits?

You know that workers’ compensation will help you get back a portion of what you lost during your time off. It can also help you pay for your medical bills. Many injured workers are unaware of the benefits they can claim that can help them with certain aspects of returning to work. Rehabilitation benefits can include:

  • Job search assistance
  • Help with resume preparation and interview skills
  • On-the-job training
  • Wage assessment
  • Additional education and tuition coverage
  • Ergonomic assessment and training
  • Skills testing and assessment
  • Accommodations available through the Americans with Disabilities Act 

Rehabilitation benefits are particularly important for those who suffered serious injuries and may need support as they go back to their job or find a new job. You have the right to pursue all of the benefits available to you, but you may have to fight for them. Workers’ compensation insurance companies are interested in their bottom lines, and it may not be easy to get what you need.

Don’t fight alone

If you are seeking benefits through a workers’ compensation claim, you don’t have to seek these benefits alone. It will be beneficial to work with an experienced California attorney from the very beginning of the process, from your initial application to seeking any rehabilitation benefits you may need.

If you are unsure of what you can get or how you can fight for the full amount you deserve, it may help to start with a complete assessment of your case and explanation of the legal options available to you.