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Worker injured in California work accident at construction site

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Many people in California pass construction sites without much thought about the effort that workers put into making new buildings and other structures, sometimes putting their own lives at risk. However, the fact is that many construction workers are involved in work-related accidents each year. In fact, one construction worker recently suffered serious injuries in a work accident.

The accident involved a construction worker on the grounds of a California university. According to reports, the victim, said to be in his 20s, fell into a trench one afternoon on a day in February. Rescue workers were reportedly able to remove him from the trench using a pulley system.

Reports indicate that the man fell approximately 30 feet. He was transported to the hospital after the incident for treatment of injuries he suffered. In addition to blunt force injuries, the man is said to have also suffered burns because he landed on a steam pipe. Information about his current condition is unclear. 

Unfortunately, injuries such as this often require a long period of recovery. In addition to costs associated with medical treatment, he may also experience lost wages. Because the financial consequences that could accompany a work accident such as this can be devastating, California requires that employers provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits for employees that will cover many of the costs associated with work-related injuries. Despite having these benefits, many workers — especially those in recovery — may feel unsure of the negotiation process. Fortunately, there are experienced attorneys who can guide them throughout the process.