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Helicopter work accident kills 3 in California

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Electricity is an essential part of the lives of people living in the United States. Though it is easy to take for granted, workers across the country often put a great deal of effort into ensuring that customers do not experience a disruption in service; these efforts could ultimately put their lives at risk. In fact, three people in California were recently killed following a helicopter crash related to a work accident as those in it worked to perform contracted work for the power company.

The incident happened in the afternoon hours of a day in early June. Reports indicate that a helicopter collided with power lines and then struck the top of a hill before rolling into a ravine. All three aboard, a 38-year-old male pilot and two electrical workers, ages 38 and 29, were killed in the accident. 

Additionally, the crash caused a vegetation fire that burned seven acres of land. The cause of the accident is currently unknown, with reports indicating that it could be weeks before the preliminary investigation is completed and one to two years before the completion of the entire investigation. Union workers claim that the accident is a reminder of the dangers that linemen face and emphasized the importance of a commitment to safety.

Unfortunately, the families of the deceased men are now left to figure out their future following the unexpected deaths of their loved ones. In addition to their grief, many in California who lose loved ones in a work accident face an uncertain financial future. While they may be entitled to workers’ compensation insurance benefits, the process can seem overwhelming without the assistance of an experienced professional. With an attorney on their side, these surviving family members often feel more prepared to seek a fair settlement.