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Ideas to improve workplace safety

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Certain work-related injuries are very common. California businesses can implement ideas to improve workplace safety to prevent some of these injuries.

Train your employees

The employer should create a safety program and thoroughly train their employees on it. Giving out a manual is a good start, but training sessions can help workers to get a better understanding. Multiple sessions throughout the year and conducting quizzes to keep them sharp and on top of the safety protocols are even better.

Make work areas ergonomic

Ergonomic work areas are an important factor in keeping workers safe. Often, those who work in an office and use a computer are affected by repetitive motion injuries stemming from ergonomics issues. Employees working in warehouses also face such injuries due to having to perform regular heavy lifting and reaching. It’s a good practice for businesses to conduct ergonomics assessments and modify work areas whenever necessary.

Encourage stretch breaks

Employers should encourage stretch breaks periodically for every employee. Even if a person stretches for five minutes, it can help to ease tension in the muscles and joints and potentially help prevent repetitive motion injuries. Workers in all types of industries can benefit from this measure. Regular stretch breaks could reduce the number of workers’ compensation claims filed.

Keep the working area clean

Cleanliness is important in the workplace. While it’s common for clutter to accumulate over time, it’s important to avoid having such areas in places where employees could suffer a slip and fall. Keeping all walkways clear and clean can prevent an accident and serious injuries.

Work areas should be clean and sanitized to prevent the spread of germs. Uncarpeted floors should be clean and dry to prevent slips. Staff can even be encouraged to wear shoes with good traction to prevent a slip and fall.