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What to do if your fingertip or toe is cut off at work

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | Types Of Work-Related Injuries |

California workers who use knives or sharp objects at the job can be in danger of a range of serious injuries that can be painful and costly. One type of workplace accident that is all too common is a sliced fingertip or toe. Whether you are injured by a knife in a restaurant kitchen, a piece of machinery in a factory or landscaping job, or even a swiftly closing metal door in your facility, you need to take care of the injury right away in order to save your fingertip or toe and protect yourself.

Control the bleeding

The first thing to do if you are injured is to try to control the bleeding and then seek emergency medical care as quickly as possible after your workplace injury. Gently clean the area with water or saline solution, but do not use alcohol, as this can damage your living tissue. Using a sterile bandage or a clean cloth, put pressure on the wound to help stop the bleeding. The blood may soak through the cloth. Rather than removing it, add more clean cloth on top and keep the pressure applied until you receive emergency medical care.

Get emergency medical care

If the fingertip or toe is severed and with you, clean it with water, wrap it in moistened cloth or gauze and seal it in a plastic bag. While putting the plastic bag in ice is protective, do not apply ice directly to the severed digit. Go to the emergency room as soon as you can, and avoid driving yourself if possible.

At the emergency room, the doctor will give you painkillers, clean the wound, assess your injury and determine a plan for treatment. After your immediate medical needs are cared for, it is important to report the injury and file the relevant claim for workers’ compensation in order to protect your rights.