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What’s causing so many injuries among new workers?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Getting a new job in California can be an exciting time in your life. While making more money and having something to do are great things associated with a new job, research shows that new hires are often the victims of workplace injuries.

What are the most common workplace injuries to new hires?

According to recent research from The Travelers Companies, Inc., which looked over more than 1.5 million workers’ compensation claims, 35% of workplace injuries happen during an employee’s first year on the job.

Of these injuries, some were more common than others. The most common first-year injury was overexertion, which accounted for 27% of all workers’ compensation claims. After that, were trips, slips, and falls, all of which accounted for 22% of all injuries in the workplace. Being struck by an object rounded out the top three, accounting for 14% of workplace injuries.

Out of all industries, two of them were responsible for the majority of injuries among first-year workers. Of all workers’ compensation claims in this study, 53% came from the restaurant industry. Following closely behind was the construction industry, which accounted for about 50% of all injuries to first-year workers.

What companies can do to avoid workplace injuries

Considering how many injuries happen to new hires, experts are calling for companies everywhere to make their safety programs as comprehensive as possible. The belief is that stronger onboarding programs could better teach workers how to avoid workplace injuries.

In conclusion, new research shows that many workplace injuries happen during a new hire’s first year of employment. To help better protect employees, experts are calling on companies to make sure their training programs are comprehensive.