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How do repetitive strain injuries affect people?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | Types Of Work-Related Injuries |

Workers who repeat the same motions daily when doing their job are at risk for something called repetitive strain injuries (RSIs).

But what exactly are these injuries? Are they a big deal? How do they impact a worker’s ability to do their job?

Chronic pain and RSIs

Cleveland Clinic discusses repetitive strain injuries. These injuries actually have a major impact on a worker’s overall quality of life.

For one, RSIs often result in chronic pain. Victims may find themselves suffering from nerve damage that is permanent or semi-permanent. They could end up dealing with the physical effects of this damage when doing other activities outside of work.

Common physical effects of an RSI include sensations of burning or tingling, numbness, sharp stabbing, or the sensation of ants or other bugs walking on the skin.

The intensity of these sensations may range from mild to extremely severe, in which a person cannot even do certain actions anymore because the pain they cause is too much to handle.

Life with chronic pain

Obviously, this affects a person’s quality of life. Living with chronic pain has numerous ties in various studies to mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Not only that, but the physical limitations of RSIs can impact a person’s ability to do many of their favorite hobbies.

On top of that, an RSI can even prevent a person from being able to work. Needless to say, this threat to someone’s financial well-being is enough to get many RSI sufferers to seek financial compensation for the wage loss that their injury may cause.