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How can I work even if I have not fully recovered?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

After getting hurt on the job, it might take a lengthy period of treatment and recovery to restore your health. You should know how soon you can return to work even if it means you cannot perform all of your normal duties.

According to the California Department of Industrial Relations, your primary treating doctor will be an important factor in helping you go back to work soon after your injury.

Work restrictions

Once your doctor has examined you, your physician will determine whether it is possible for you to work given your injury. If you can work, your doctor will decide if you can carry out your normal work duties or if you require limits on your job tasks.

Your doctor should detail your restrictions after receiving complete information on your job requirements. If your work duties require lifting, carrying loads or staying in a specific posture, your physician should understand how your current condition limits your ability to perform these actions and adjust your work accordingly.

Examples of work changes

Depending on your job, your employer may accommodate you in different ways. Some injured workers just need a shorter work shift. Other changes may include modifying a workstation or using different equipment. Your doctor might also clear you to work if you wear medical equipment such as braces or a headset to prevent poor posturing.

Keep in mind that not all employers can change work duties for an injured worker. Check to see if workplace accommodations are possible if your health appears strong enough to allow you to do limited work.