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Common injuries faced by landscape workers

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2024 | Types Of Work-Related Injuries, Workers' Compensation |

Landscaping in California comes with risks that go beyond the usual workplace hazards. Workers in this field face a myriad of issues, and understanding these risks is vital to maintaining your health and safety on the job. 

Psychological injuries

Landscape workers often face not just physical challenges but psychological ones as well. Stress and anxiety can arise from high-pressure job conditions to get work completed quickly and to ensure the work they do looks perfect. Additionally, they may face issues of isolation if they continually work by themselves. 

If you work in landscaping, it’s important to recognize these signs and seek help when needed. Taking care of your mental health is as crucial as addressing physical injuries, especially when job security is a concern. 

Environmental health issues

Landscape workers often endure extreme weather conditions, from scorching heat to biting cold. Such exposure can lead to heatstroke or hypothermia. Additionally, working outdoors frequently exposes you to pollutants and allergens.

This can trigger respiratory issues or allergic reactions. Using protective gear and staying informed about conditions that affect your health is crucial. If your work environment leads to health issues, you might be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Occupational illnesses

If you work in landscaping, you are often exposed to chemicals found in pesticides and fertilizers. This exposure can lead to several health concerns. You might get skin disorders. Or, you might get respiratory issues. These come from frequent contact with these substances. Over time, these exposures can even result in long-term health problems.

Protect yourself by using appropriate safety measures, such as gloves and masks. The Division of Worker’s Compensation provides additional resources for those with health issues related to their jobs. 

Recognizing and addressing the unique risks in landscaping is vital for your health and well-being. By taking proactive measures and understanding your rights, you can better protect yourself and ensure a safer work environment.