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7 people killed in trench collapses since start of 2020

All occupations hold some degree of risk. Unfortunately, some are significantly more risky than others. For example, workers in California and across the country who are required to work in or near trenches could face significant harm in trench collapses.

Cause of 2 fatalities in work accident under investigation

While there is often great debate about the effects of drilling for oil on the environment in California and across the country, the risks that workers in such an occupation face are discussed less frequently. Unfortunately, a work accident can happen that can put the lives of employees at risk. In fact, two men were recently killed in an accident at an oil drilling site in another state; the cause remains under investigation.

Number of fatal workplace accidents increased in 2018

For many people in California and across the country, going to work is part of their daily routines. Unfortunately, a bad day on the job for some people could ultimately mean serious injury or even death. A report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has shed additional light on incidents of fatal workplace accidents

Health care workers suffer due to work-related assaults

When most people in California think of job-related injuries, they often think of harm caused by falls or equipment malfunctions. Unfortunately, a very real threat to many workers across the country is from assaults that occur on the job. Specifically, reports indicate that health care workers are the victims of the majority of work-related assaults.

Workplace injuries due to chemical exposure can be fatal

There is no doubt that workers in California and across the country can experience injuries while completing their job responsibilities. While many people who consider workplace injuries think of those that come from a fall or other similar accident, there are many people who become ill as a result of exposure to a chemical. In fact, a man in another state recently lost his life following exposure to fumes from a chemical.

California Highway Patrol officer suffers work-related injuries

Most people in California and across the country are aware that police officers put their lives at risk on the job every day. While the most prevalent belief likely centers around the most common cause of harm coming from those they interact with who may be suspected of a crime, members of the California Highway Patrol who spend a great deal of time of the roadways could also suffer work-related injuries due to traffic accidents. Unfortunately, such appears to be the case for one officer.

Mental health illnesses experienced by EMTs, paramedics

When most people in California and across the country consider work-related injuries, they often think of physical injuries caused by a single accident or that occur due to repeated motions over a period of time. However, depending on the profession, workers can also face increased susceptibility to psychological illnesses. In fact, those who work as paramedics and emergency medical technicians often experience such illnesses as a result of the trauma they repeatedly witness.

Fatal workplace accident under investigation

For the many different workers in California and across the country, reporting to a work shift is likely just another part of their routine. Most every one reports to work expecting that will return to their home and family generally in the same condition in which they left. Unfortunately, that is not always the case if a worker is involved in a workplace accident.

Artificial stone countertops lead to work-related illness

When people in California design their new home or plan a remodel of their kitchen or bath, there are likely a multitude of different issues that they take into consideration. Most of these surround their personal preferences and cost of material and installation. Unfortunately, some people are urging those making such decisions to determine whether certain safety practices are in place if they are considering the use of artificial stone countertops. Reports indicate that these countertops can lead to a work-related illness.

Workers' comp: Mail carriers at risk for heat-related illnesses

There are a variety of different aspects that significantly impact a worker's health in California. While most people who consider issues that could ultimately result in a workers' comp claim likely think first of an injury caused by a fall or piece of equipment, for instance, many workers face harm due to weather-related issues. Specifically, mail carriers can face serious harm as a result of extreme heat.

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