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Workers' comp: Mail carriers at risk for heat-related illnesses

There are a variety of different aspects that significantly impact a worker's health in California. While most people who consider issues that could ultimately result in a workers' comp claim likely think first of an injury caused by a fall or piece of equipment, for instance, many workers face harm due to weather-related issues. Specifically, mail carriers can face serious harm as a result of extreme heat.

Construction accident at California university kills 1, injures 4

People in California who come across a construction site could have a variety of different reactions. Some people may be excited about signs of progress and change while others may worry about the environment and the inconvenience some construction projects can create. Few people, however, think of the construction workers who could face potentially fatal risks as they work on these projects. Unfortunately, being a victim of a construction accident is a possibility that these workers face.

Getting help from repetitive motion injuries caused by work

When most people in California think about workplace injuries, they often think of the catastrophic -- or even fatal -- injuries that come with falls or working with heavy machinery. However, some injuries -- known as repetitive motion injuries -- may develop over a period of time, and though they may not seem as serious, they can be equally as debilitating. Those suffering from such injuries in California often deserve workers' compensation insurance benefits but may be unsure how to secure them.

Work-related injuries often due to unsafe acts

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health requires employers to provide safe work environments. Not all business owners comply, and unsafe conditions cause many on-the-job accidents. However, safety authorities say unsafe acts by workers contribute to a significant percentage of work-related injuries in all industries.

What is the most dangerous job in California?

California has a lot of dangerous jobs. But which jobs are the deadliest? The answer depends on whether you are looking at total number of deaths from job-related injuries, or the death rate for the number of workers in that industry in California. The Sacramento Bee looked at the number of deaths in each industry from 2012 to 2016 and ranked the most dangerous jobs by the death rate per 100,000 workers. Researchers found the following jobs to be the five most dangerous in California: 

How are workers' comp benefits different for firefighters?

If you are a firefighter who was injured or became ill because of your job, you should know that the workers' compensation laws stand behind you. In fact, workers' compensation in California specifically covers certain illnesses that are presumed to be caused by firefighting. These conditions are not automatically covered by workers' compensation for other types of workers. 

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