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1 officer killed, 1 injured in work-related incident

For police officers in California and across the country, what should likely simply be a routine encounter can turn deadly. Unfortunately, even law enforcement officers who are always vigilant to protect both their safety as well as the safety of those they may encounter while completing their duties can become involved in an unpredictable situation. In fact, an officer was killed and another critically injured in a recent work-related incident in another state. 

Fatal California work accident under investigation

California is famous for many things -- some positive and some negative. For example, many people associate certain areas of the state with heavy traffic, and a fear of many drivers is that they will experience car problems while stuck in this traffic. Fortunately, a joint program organized by several state organizations, the Freeway Service Patrol, provides drivers who can help disabled motorists with several services for free, including quick repairs, tire changes or towing. Despite the benefits of these services, these workers also face hazards to their own safety as evidenced by a recent work accident involving a FSP employee.

Helicopter work accident kills 3 in California

Electricity is an essential part of the lives of people living in the United States. Though it is easy to take for granted, workers across the country often put a great deal of effort into ensuring that customers do not experience a disruption in service; these efforts could ultimately put their lives at risk. In fact, three people in California were recently killed following a helicopter crash related to a work accident as those in it worked to perform contracted work for the power company.

Fatal construction accident prompts federal investigation

There are a variety of hazards that construction workers in California and across the country face as they complete their daily, work-related tasks. Though there are several precautions that can potentially keep workers safe, it is not possible to completely eliminate all risks. As such, those who work in this industry are at risk of being involved in a construction accident.

11 California firefighters suffer work-related injuries

When most people think of dangerous jobs, one of the first ones that comes to mind is the job of a firefighter. Often, firefighters are put in a position where they must run toward hazards while everyone else runs away to help save lives and livelihoods. Unfortunately, a recent incident in California has left 11 firefighters recovering from work-related injuries

California man killed in workplace accident after falling asleep

All workplaces have the potential of being hazardous to employees, even under the best of circumstances. Even though most employers have a variety of safeguards in place to protect workers, a workplace accident can still occur. In fact, a man in California recently lost his life in such an incident after investigators claim that he fell asleep while on a production line.

Workers' compensation: Officer killed in helicopter crash

When most people in California and across the country think of the dangers that police officers face, they most often consider the risks related to apprehending dangerous criminals. However, police officers work in a variety of different fields, and the risks they face are diverse. For example, in a case that may ultimately result in a  workers' compensation claim, and perhaps other options for legal recourse, one officer was injured and another killed in a helicopter crash.

Company fined after fatal workplace accident

Most workers in California and across the country are vested in ensuring that they are safe in addition to working to protect the safety of their co-workers. Despite their desires, they often are hampered in these endeavors by faulty equipment or a lack of appropriate safety gear. In fact, a business in another state was recently fined following a fatal workplace accident.

Industrial accident involving explosion results in fatality

Most workers in California and across the country are committed to safety, prompting them to follow all safety recommendations. Unfortunately, despite a variety of safety-conscious measures, an industrial accident can still occur, resulting in serious injury or, in some cases, death. In fact, a recent incident that resulted in a worker's death remains under investigation.

Worker injured in California work accident at construction site

Many people in California pass construction sites without much thought about the effort that workers put into making new buildings and other structures, sometimes putting their own lives at risk. However, the fact is that many construction workers are involved in work-related accidents each year. In fact, one construction worker recently suffered serious injuries in a work accident.

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