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Man's arm severed in industrial accident

When most people think of dangerous jobs, they likely think of police officers and firefighters who actively go toward hazardous situations. While these type of workers do face dangers while completing their work responsibilities, the potential injuries that those working with heavy machinery in California may face are sometimes easily overlooked. In fact, a man in another state recently suffered a serious injury in an industrial accident.

HVAC worker critically injured in workplace accident

Most employers in California and across the country go to great lengths to protect workers on their premises. However, even experienced workers can ultimately become involved in a workplace accident despite following all safety measures. Unfortunately, a man in another state is now in the intensive care unit after he was reportedly injured while working on a boiler.

Criminal charges after trooper killed in work-related accident

During an emergency situation, there are certain people who are committed to helping those who may be injured or afraid. In fact, law enforcement officers are often willing to put their own safety on the line to help others. While there are a variety of measures in place in California and states across the country to protect first responders, they can still become the victim of a work-related accident.

Trench collapse involved in fatal construction accident

While most everyone in California is aware that all workplaces hold some degree of risk, some may not fully realize the harm that those who work in construction face every day that they report to work. Unfortunately, a recent construction accident in another state emphasizes the dangers that these workers face. Reports indicate that the victim passed away as a result of injuries suffered in the accident.

Investigation into fatal accident will likely take weeks

It is rare these days to find someone who has never ordered a package from Amazon. The fact that the company sells almost any product imaginable and can quickly deliver is often a draw that few people in California and across the country can resist. However, many people may be unaware of the effort that goes into that quick delivery. Unfortunately, three people are presumed dead after a fatal accident involving an airplane crash.

Man burned in industrial accident

The recovery process from severe burns is often lengthy, painful and could potentially be filled with life-threatening complications. Often, burns require specialized treatment that can quickly result in significant medical costs. When these injuries happen as a result of an industrial accident, victims in California and in other areas of the country may be entitled to workers' compensation insurance benefits.

Airport construction accident sends man to hospital

Most workers in California and across the country have concerns about their safety in the workplace. As a result, most go to great lengths to ensure their personal safety as well as the safety of their co-workers. Unfortunately, a workplace accident can still occur despite these measures. In fact, a construction accident at an airport in another state recently sent a man to the hospital.

Workers' compensation: 2 killed in medical hospital crash

Most people in California are likely aware that their employers provide them with many benefits. Unfortunately, because some benefits are rarely used, employees may be unsure about exactly what is provided, especially in the case in workers' compensation benefits following a work-related accident. In the case of a fatality, surviving family members may be unsure where to turn for help.

OSHA investigates industrial accident

All jobs in California and across the country hold risks of injury. However, those who work with heavy machinery -- regardless of their occupation -- may be at additional risk of serious harm. A recent industrial accident that happened in another state has left a man recovering from an arm injury.

Firefighter becomes victim of work-related accident

When an accident happens in California or in other areas across the country, firefighters are often the first ones rushing to the scene, often at the risk of their own safety. They are dedicated to helping victims. Unfortunately, a firefighter in another state is being mourned after he was involved in a work-related accident.

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