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Workers’ Compensation: Temporary Disability Benefits

In California, temporary disability benefits are payments you receive if you are unable to do your usual job while you recover from a work injury. Temporary disability benefits — sometimes called TD benefits — are an extremely important part of workers’ compensation, but sometimes employers delay or deny these much-needed benefits.

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Types Of Temporary Disability Benefits

There are two kinds of temporary disability benefits:

  • Temporary partial disability benefits — If you can work only part of your full schedule while recovering from your work injury, you get temporary partial disability benefits, sometimes called TPD payments.
  • Temporary total disability benefits — If your injury prevents you from working at all while you recover, you get temporary total disability benefits, sometimes called TTD payments.

How Much Does Temporary Disability Pay?

Generally, temporary disability benefits pay two-thirds of the wages you lose while recovering from your work injury. However, the law sets a maximum weekly amount for these benefits — you cannot receive more than that amount in a week.

The rules are different for firefighters and safety officers. If you work in either of these fields, you can receive full salary replacement for up to a year after your work injury.

When Will I Start Receiving TD Payments?

Your TD payments are supposed to begin once your doctor says your injury prevents you from doing your usual work for three days or longer, or if you have to be hospitalized overnight. Once your TD payments start, you should receive a payment every two weeks until you can return to work, or until your doctor says your condition has improved as much as it is going to.

However, sometimes TD payments are delayed, and depending on the circumstances, the claims administrator may have to pay you an extra 10 percent if your payment is late.

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