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As a security guard, do not disregard your own health and safety

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If you are a security guard in Southern California, you will frequently put your life on the line to protect others. Those who live or work in the premises you guard will rely on you to protect them from harm, which puts a significant burden on your shoulders. Although safety authorities expect your employers to protect your health and safety, the circumstances and nature of your job will mostly put your safety in your own hands.

Some of the inherent risks of your occupation result from the fact that you work for one company at the premises of a client. If there is a lack of coordination between you and the two business entities, there might be a risk of interference or disorganization. Confusion about duties and responsibilities could exacerbate potential risks.

Typical risks you will face

While many unanticipated risks might come your way, taking precautions to mitigate the following known dangers might improve your chances to stay safe:

  • Physical burdens: You might be assigned to inadequate, cramped work areas in which you have to spend eight or more hours. In the long term, such circumstances could lead to painful musculoskeletal disorders, blood circulation problems and other risks to your health.
  • Psychosocial workload: Strained mental and emotional workloads along with stress and a lack of motivation could affect your mental health and cause excessive tiredness.
  • Workplace violence: Along with the threat of physical violence, this category of risks could include bullying, sexual harassment and intimidation that involves weapons.
  • Weapon handling: Insist on adequate training if your job requires you to carry a firearm.
  • Exposure to radiation: If your assigned location is a hospital or laboratory at which the risk of radiation exposure exists, you must receive proper training to avoid an adverse impact on your health.
  • Guard dog-related hazards: If you have a guard dog with you at your security post, it must be well trained to avoid unpredictable aggressiveness.
  • Work schedules: Spending all your work hours alone is taxing, and adding inflexible work schedules can lead to health problems.

You might not realize that the state-regulated workers’ compensation insurance system covers more than physical injuries. With the support and guidance of a Southern California attorney who has experience in fighting for workers to get all the benefits to which they are entitled, your chances of receiving compensation for psychological damages will be significantly improved. Benefits will cover medical expenses, including therapy treatment along with a percentage of lost wages.