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Fatal construction accident prompts federal investigation

There are a variety of hazards that construction workers in California and across the country face as they complete their daily, work-related tasks. Though there are several precautions that can potentially keep workers safe, it is not possible to completely eliminate all risks. As such, those who work in this industry are at risk of being involved in a construction accident.

In fact, a recent incident in another state is currently being investigated. Reports indicate that crews were working at the site of townhome construction. Specifically, workers were installing sewer lines for the project. Unfortunately, reports indicate that a trench collapsed at the site.

11 California firefighters suffer work-related injuries

When most people think of dangerous jobs, one of the first ones that comes to mind is the job of a firefighter. Often, firefighters are put in a position where they must run toward hazards while everyone else runs away to help save lives and livelihoods. Unfortunately, a recent incident in California has left 11 firefighters recovering from work-related injuries

Reports indicate that firefighters were called to the scene of a commercial building that was on fire; the business was reportedly a hash oil manufacturer. When firefighters arrived, they reportedly discovered light to moderate smoke, and some entered the building while others climbed on the roof to "knock down" flames. However, one firefighter reportedly noticed increased pressure and smoke from the rear of the building, prompting responders to begin exiting.

Unsafe acts plus unsafe conditions foolproof recipe for injuries

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health mandates that your employer must protect you and your co-workers from harm. As a part of that responsibility, your employer must provide a workplace free of known hazards and provide adequate safety training to enable you to identify potential hazards and know how to mitigate the risks. Moreover, supervisors must monitor workers to prevent unsafe acts and recognize the need for follow-up training or refresher sessions to remind workers of the risks they face. Safety authorities estimate that eight out of every 10 workplace injuries result from unsafe acts. Regardless of how much or how little effort your employer puts into employee safety, you could benefit from taking your own precautions to avoid work-related injuries.

Typical unsafe acts in the workplace

California man killed in workplace accident after falling asleep

All workplaces have the potential of being hazardous to employees, even under the best of circumstances. Even though most employers have a variety of safeguards in place to protect workers, a workplace accident can still occur. In fact, a man in California recently lost his life in such an incident after investigators claim that he fell asleep while on a production line.

The incident happened just before 7 p.m. on a day in late April. The man, said to have been a contractor with Marcos Renteria AG Services, was reportedly working at Foster Farms. Reports about the incident claim that co-workers had to wake him up "several times" before the incident that resulted in the loss of his life.

Workers' compensation: Officer killed in helicopter crash

When most people in California and across the country think of the dangers that police officers face, they most often consider the risks related to apprehending dangerous criminals. However, police officers work in a variety of different fields, and the risks they face are diverse. For example, in a case that may ultimately result in a  workers' compensation claim, and perhaps other options for legal recourse, one officer was injured and another killed in a helicopter crash.

The incident happened during the early morning hours of a day in early May. According to reports, law enforcement officers received a call about bodies in a body of water. As a result, officers used a helicopter. Unfortunately, reports indicate that the helicopter crashed within minutes of taking off. Two officers were transported to the hospital; one is listed in critical condition while another died in the accident.

Company fined after fatal workplace accident

Most workers in California and across the country are vested in ensuring that they are safe in addition to working to protect the safety of their co-workers. Despite their desires, they often are hampered in these endeavors by faulty equipment or a lack of appropriate safety gear. In fact, a business in another state was recently fined following a fatal workplace accident.

The victim of the accident was a 42-year-old man. Reports indicate that the man was driving a forklift when he reportedly lost control of it. The man was reportedly thrown from the piece of machinery after it went down a slope. It is believed that he was partially ejected and pinned by the vehicle.

Man dies as part of fall related to industrial accident

Many workers in California and across the country are very experienced at the jobs that they perform. They are often tasks that they have performed repeatedly, and they become almost second nature for them. Despite this skill and experience, however, they still face risks in the workplace. In fact, a man in another state recently lost his life in an industrial accident in another state.

The accident happened on a day in early April. The victim, a 46-year-old, was reportedly completing work-related tasks in U.S. Steel as a contractor. Reports indicate that the man was working as a contractor there and had been employed by KM Plant Services as a hydroblaster for 10 years. 

Multiple traumatic experiences often cause PTSD in firefighters

If you are a firefighter in California, you will likely be a good candidate for developing post-traumatic stress disorder. The rate of PTSD in first responders is reportedly higher than in any other occupation. While most people might deal with traumatic experiences once or never in their lives, firefighters could encounter multiple traumatic events throughout their careers.

Reportedly, the repetitive exposure to traumatic events increases the risks of firefighters developing PTSD. An exacerbating element is the unpredictability of their shifts, in which they never know what the call would bring. They often race from one accident to the next.

Helping California responders who suffer work-related injuries

All workers in California face risks when they report to work. However, first responders and peace officers face a variety of different hazards everyday that could ultimately result in serious harm. Often, they suffer work-related injuries due to the nature of their job requirements. The Law Offices of Antony E. Gluck, PC are here to help these workers seek fair compensation as they work to recover from the injuries.

Many employees in California may be entitled to workers' compensation insurance benefits following a workplace accident. But there are some additional considerations for first responders and peace officers, such as prison guards and parole officers. For example, first responders injured on the job are eligible for full salary for a year after an injury whereas other workers are eligible for only two-thirds.

Family has questions after fatal work accident

The worse nightmare of a California parent is the loss of a child, regardless of that child's age. This loss is often compounded when it is preventable, especially when it is difficult to get answers about what happened. Unfortunately, a mother in another state is claiming that the family was not notified after a woman suffered what proved to be fatal injuries in a work accident.

The incident that led to the woman's death reportedly happened on a day in March. The victim was reportedly working for Labor Works, a company that provides temporary workers for  a city's sanitation department. Reports indicate that the woman fell off a city garbage truck and struck her head.

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