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Security guards do dangerous work in isolation

If you are a security guard in Southern California, you put your life on the line to protect others and their property. Lone workers typically face unique hazards. If you work the night shift, the dangers you face escalate significantly.

Security guards more or less advertise that they are there to protect valuable property. This makes you a prime target for vandals and thieves who want to get to whatever you guard. The nature of your job means isolation and no readily available assistance in emergencies, illness or injury. Furthermore, you might not have contact with your employer, supervisor or co-workers throughout most of your shifts.

California officer reportedly injured at work by friendly fire

There is no doubt that police officers in California and across the country face dangers while completing their jobs. For example, when responding to a call about an armed person, the scene can become chaotic, potentially resulting in harm to officers. In fact, an officer was recently injured at work, and officials believe that her injuries may have been the result of friendly fire.

The incident that led to injuries for the female police officer reportedly happened in the afternoon hours of a day in early August. Police say that they were called to a residence in relation to a suicidal man with a pair of scissors. When they arrived at the home, they discovered a 33-year-old man and a Rottweiler; his wife, three children and mother-in-law were also in the home.

Scaffolding accidents cause serious injuries

Working at significant heights is normal for construction workers. However, just because something is normal does not mean that it is safe. Scaffolding accidents are one of the most common types of construction accidents and are responsible for a significant number of serious injuries. California employers should take smart and practical approaches to keeping their workers safe, but it appears as if many might not be prioritizing this.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration -- OSHA -- around 65% of all construction workers frequently spend time on scaffolds, and the related injuries are some of the most dangerous in the field. Falls are a risk when working on scaffolds, so workers should have access to adequate personal fall protection equipment. This includes things like harnesses, drop lines, lanyards, points of anchorage and more. A worker does not have to be physically on a scaffold to be hurt, either. Falling objects can strike unsuspecting workers on the ground, so it is important that these men and women have access to protective gear as well.

CA Construction accident raises legal questions

The construction of a new home is an exciting process for prospective homeowners in California and across the country. While they plan what types of flooring they will have and what colors they will choose to paint the walls, construction workers labor to bring those plans to fruition. Unfortunately, a construction accident can have tragic consequences. In fact, a trench collapse at a construction site in another state resulted in the death of two people. 

The accident reportedly happened during the morning hours of a day in July. Resorts indicate that at least two men were working at a home construction site. A representative from the local fire department reports that the men were attempting to connect the sewer line to a construction site.

Construction accident kills 1, injures 3 others

While most everyone in California recognizes the importance of construction workers, many do not fully realize the risks that these workers face when they complete their job-related tasks. Even those who follow all safety and health regulations can face harm due to unexpected occurrences. In fact, a worker was recently killed and three others injured in a construction accident in another state. 

The incident happened on a day in mid-July. According to reports, workers were attempting to repair the facade of an 11-story residential building. Two of the workers were said to be near the top of the building when a piece of the parapet broke off from the roof. It reportedly caused the scaffolding to collapse, landing on the sidewalk shed that was below.

2 killed, 1 injured in out-of-state industrial accident

Most people in California report to their jobs believing that they will return home in the same condition as they left. However, workplaces often hold a variety of different risks that can jeopardize worker safety. Though actions can be taken to mitigate these risks, they cannot be completely eradicated. For example, an out-of-state industrial accident recently resulted in two fatalities.

The incident happened on a day in late June. According to reports, workers were on the roof of Leprino Foods working on a pipe extension project. Unfortunately, a high pressure pipe reportedly discharged suddenly.

What are your options if a workers' comp claim is not approved?

A work accident can change your life instantly. Depending on the nature of the accident and the type of injuries you suffered, you could be facing the possibility of long-term damage, time away from work and expensive medical bills. It's important for injured California employees to seek workers' compensation benefits to cover their financial needs during their time of recovery.

This is why it is devastating when a workers' compensation claim comes back denied. You need financial support, but a denial letter may feel like the end of the road for you. Thankfully, there are options available to you. It may be possible to appeal a denied claim and continue your pursuit of the benefits you need. The workers' comp system can be complex, and this is why you may find it useful to work with an attorney at every step.

1 officer killed, 1 injured in work-related incident

For police officers in California and across the country, what should likely simply be a routine encounter can turn deadly. Unfortunately, even law enforcement officers who are always vigilant to protect both their safety as well as the safety of those they may encounter while completing their duties can become involved in an unpredictable situation. In fact, an officer was killed and another critically injured in a recent work-related incident in another state. 

The incident reportedly happened during the morning hours of a day in late June. According to reports, an officer conducted what reports describe as a regular traffic stop. While details of the incident are unclear, the officer reportedly called for back up after running the alleged driver's information in their system.

Fatal California work accident under investigation

California is famous for many things -- some positive and some negative. For example, many people associate certain areas of the state with heavy traffic, and a fear of many drivers is that they will experience car problems while stuck in this traffic. Fortunately, a joint program organized by several state organizations, the Freeway Service Patrol, provides drivers who can help disabled motorists with several services for free, including quick repairs, tire changes or towing. Despite the benefits of these services, these workers also face hazards to their own safety as evidenced by a recent work accident involving a FSP employee.

One of these workers recently lost his life in a tragic accident. The incident reportedly happened during the afternoon hours of a day in late June. A 62-year-old man was reportedly assisting a disabled motorist on the right shoulder of the southbound lanes of I-280. Unfortunately, the driver was reportedly struck by a lumber truck driven by a 25-year-old male.

June designated to raise awareness of trench collapse prevention

Construction can often be a lengthy, complicated process. Though there may be a desire to reduce costs and save time, doing so can often have tragic consequences for construction workers in California and across the country. For example, efforts to do so -- along with other factors -- could result in a trench collapse.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently released statistics regarding 2019 trench collapses as organizations geared up for Trench Safety Month in June. According to OSHA, excavation violations were one of the leading causes of issued citations. Within this category, the failure to provide trench protection was the most frequent reason for a citation.

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