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Men killed in industrial accident

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

While all occupations in California and across the country hold some degree of risk, people who are required to work with heavy machinery may be especially at risk. Unfortunately, a recent accident in another state demonstrates the potential harm that an industrial accident can have. Reports indicate that a worker died due to crush injuries.

The incident reportedly happened during the early morning hours of a day in early January. According to reports, the 56-year-old victim was working with a partner to load boxes on a truck by using an expandable conveyor belt. Reports indicate that the partner heard several loud noises and looked up to see the victim trapped between the end of the conveyor belt and boxes.

The conveyor was reportedly pressing into the man’s back. Unfortunately, access to the controls that would allow other workers to move the conveyor were blocked, forcing workers to break down the boxes around him. It took 10 minutes to extricate him. He was pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital.

Unfortunately, even when employees in California and across the country follow all recommended safety precautions, an industrial accident can still occur. Often, families are left to cope with both the grief associated with the unexpected loss of a family members and the financial stress that is created by lost wages, medical costs and funeral expenses. As such, employers are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits. For those still coming to terms with their loss, the process may seem overly complicated. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals to help as they seek a fair settlement.