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California work accident: 1 killed, 1 injured when tire explodes

On Behalf of | May 27, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

There is no job that is completely devoid of risk. While most occupations are relatively safe as long as everything goes according to plan, unexpected events can often have fatal consequences. In fact, a California man was recently killed following a work accident.

Reports indicate that the incident happened just before 7:25 a.m. on a day in mid-May. When rescue workers arrived at the scene, they reportedly discovered a deceased 58-year-old man and another victim who was seriously injured. Both victims were reportedly mechanics at a port.

According to reports, the two men were inflating a tire on a piece of heavy equipment used to move shipping containers and other materials. Unfortunately, something “went wrong,” causing the tire to explode. One of the men died instantly while the other was placed in a medically induced coma at a hospital as a result of a head injury.

The work accident remains under investigation by both the police department as well as California’s division of Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Though it is important to determine the cause of an incident such as this, the family of the deceased man is left to come to terms with his death in the meantime. Additionally, the injured worker may be facing a significant period of recovery; depending on the nature of his injuries, he may be unable to fully recover. Both may qualify for workers’ compensation insurance benefits. Because they may feel prepared to pursue such benefits in the aftermath of the accident, they may choose to seek guidance from an attorney with experience with the compensation process.