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Man killed in workplace accident at California vineyard

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Many people may not realize that any occupation requiring the use of heavy machinery could result in workplace injuries. Even workers who are committed to safety could face unexpected conditions — such as a broken down machine that requires repair — that could ultimately put their lives at risk. For example, a tragic workplace accident at a California vineyard recently resulted in a fatality.

The incident reportedly happened during the morning hours of a day in early February. According to reports, the victim was a farmworker who had been using a tractor to complete work-related tasks. When the tractor stopped working, he reportedly exited it before attempting to fix it.

Unfortunately, reports indicate that the tractor ran over the man. Rescue workers provided CPR upon arrival, but the man died as a result of injuries suffered in the accident. The sheriff’s office is asking anyone with information regarding the accident to contact them.  

In addition to investigations by local authorities, a workplace accident such as this is also typically investigated by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health. While the man’s employer could face fines if any violations of health or safety standards are discovered, this outcome will do little to help the man’s family cope with the consequences of their unexpected loss. In many cases, family members are entitled to the workers’ compensation insurance benefits that employers are required to provide for their employees. An attorney with experience with such benefits can help the man’s family carefully examine their options and seek fair compensation.