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Cause of 2 fatalities in work accident under investigation

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2020 | Types Of Work-Related Injuries |

While there is often great debate about the effects of drilling for oil on the environment in California and across the country, the risks that workers in such an occupation face are discussed less frequently. Unfortunately, a work accident can happen that can put the lives of employees at risk. In fact, two men were recently killed in an accident at an oil drilling site in another state; the cause remains under investigation.

The incident occurred on a day in early March. Police say that they arrived at the scene and discovered two men, ages 28 and 24, lying on the ground. Reports indicate that they were unconscious and not breathing; they were pronounced dead at the scene.

Reports indicate that attempts to contact the company for a comment about the incident were not successful. The sheriff’s department is currently working to determine what exactly caused the incident. According to a statement released by the sheriff’s office, there are a variety of different risks that these workers face, including heavy equipment, power lines, poisonous gases and moving machinery.

In addition to an investigation conducted by the sheriff’s office, representatives with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration were also on the scene. While determining the exact cause of the work accident could potentially prevent similar incidents in the future, it will do little to help the victims’ families cope with their unexpected loss. Though it will likely do little to alleviate their grief, the families may qualify for workers’ compensation insurance benefits that can help with funeral expenses and lost wages. Those in California who have suffered a loss in such a manner often choose to ask a professional with experience with the compensation process to help them in their pursuit of a fair settlement.