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2 killed in construction accident at Amazon site

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

The Amazon website is one that many people in California and across the country have accessed for a variety of different needs. Perhaps because of their success and popularity, they have a need for construction of additional facilities. Unfortunately, a construction accident at an Amazon site in another state recently resulted in the death of two workers. 

The details regarding the accident are unclear. However, a spokesperson for the city in which the accident occurred confirmed that two people were killed. The spokesperson stated that some workers were unaccounted for in the immediate aftermath. Rescue workers had to sort through fallen debris to ensure that there were no more victims, and no other injuries were reported.

The incident, which happened during the afternoon hours of a day in late August, remains under investigation. If representatives from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration discover that health or safety standards led to the accident, they could issue citations, fines or some combination of both. The release of the victims’ identity is pending notification of their family members.

Investigations into a construction accident such as this can help prevent similar incidents in the future. While this is an important goal, discovering the cause of the victims’ death will likely do little to help their surviving family members cope with the consequences of their loss. While the emotional consequences are obvious, many families struggle with financial hardships created by lost wages and funeral expenses. As such, employers in California and across the country are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits to help victims of workplace accidents; these benefits can extend to certain family members. An attorney who understands the compensation process can help these family members as they pursue a fair settlement.