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Some occupations include specific medical issues in comp claims

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation cases are not all equal when it comes to unusual medical issues. High-stress public service workers such as firefighters and police not only save people who are in peril, but they also put themselves in danger at the same time. This activity can take its toll over time, often resulting in unusual workers’ compensation claims from public servants who interact in emergency situations with the general public. Luckily for Southern Californians, these issues are recognized for first responders who are injured on the job.


Hypertension is what many medical professionals call the silent killer. Also known as high blood pressure, it develops over the years and can be impacted by multiple job duties for first responders. Anything that increases heart rate will increase blood pressure, but those who are not necessarily in sterling health often experience problems after completing any physical event. In addition, mental stress can have an impact, and police officers cope with this stressor daily. Mental pressures build as time goes on, and the agony of the stress can be included in workers’ comp claims for first responders in California.

Heart disease

California workers’ comp attorneys understand that all medical issues associated with the circulatory system are interconnected and that the system tends to become weaker with age. These natural developments can lead to health problems, such as reduced ejection fraction and enlargement of the heart. Heart attacks are actually very common among police officers and firefighters; in addition, both police officers and firefighters are exposed to smoke from hazardous burning chemicals when working fires and accident scenes.

Back and lumbar injuries

Another issue some public servants deal with is back injuries that can result from wearing required equipment such as duty belts, fire suits, and respiratory gear. Police officers in particular develop back injuries from their holsters. The stress put on the lower back can be intense, especially during a physical chase, and the compounded responsibilities during the course of a career can result in definitive lower lumbar problems.

If you are a public employee and have experienced any of these common ailments, an attorney may be able to help you decide if a workers’ compensation claim is right for you.