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Workers’ compensation covers falls in the workplace

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

If a company intends to do business in California, it must follow OSHA rules. However, far too many cases show the absence of appropriate fall prevention standards. Falls on the job can lead to workers’ compensation claims.

Understanding the risks

Construction sites are notorious for the dangers that workers face. Examples of workers’ compensation claims include falls from ladders and scaffolds. Of course, you do not have to be a construction worker to deal with these risks. Other trades include roofers, painters, firefighters and even retail workers.

Are appropriate fall prevention protocols in place?

Statistics suggest that falls are responsible for one-third of workplace deaths. Therefore, OSHA places the responsibility for employee safety on the employer. When construction involves heights, certain protocols do not kick in at these sites until the worker is 6 feet above the ground. If there is any type of equipment underneath a worker, the elevation protocol applies at all heights. Fall protection solutions might include:

  • Safety nets and toe boards
  • Gates and railings
  • Safety harnesses

You have rights if your employer does not invest in safety processes

It is not enough to buy the safety equipment; your employer must install and maintain it. Moreover, they have to train workers on how to use it. If any of these elements is missing, your employer might be negligent. The employer must also disclose any risks associated with your work and job description.

If you fell at work, sustained an injury and needed medical attention, you may be eligible for compensation. You might benefit from asking an attorney for help with a workers’ compensation claim.