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What are workers’ compensation temporary disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

If you are unable to do your regular job because of an injury or illness suffered while working, you may receive temporary disability benefits as part of your workers’ compensation package. Temporary disability benefits can help replace lost income until you can resume your normal work schedule.

How do temporary disability benefits work?

Types of temporary disability benefits

Depending on your injury and the work you do, you may receive either partial or total temporary disability benefits. If you can work part-time, but can not work your full schedule, then you may be eligible for temporary partial disability benefits. If you can not work at all, then you may receive temporary total disability benefits.

Amount of temporary disability benefits

Temporary disability benefits usually pay two-thirds of the total amount of your lost wages during the time that you are unable to work your regular job. However, if your benefit exceeds the maximum weekly amount allowed by law, you will not receive more than the legal limit.

Time frame for receiving temporary disability payments

Your payments should begin when your doctor determines that your illness or injury will prevent you from doing your usual job for at least three days. You will receive payment once every two weeks until you can resume your normal work or your doctor determines that your condition is not going to improve any further.

Workers’ compensation temporary disability benefits help employees who are temporarily unable to do their normal work because of a work-related illness or injury but are not permanently disabled. You may receive these benefits in addition to other types of workers’ compensation.