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What injuries could health care workers face?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Types Of Work-Related Injuries |

Professionals working in the health care field serve a vital duty: they help people dealing with injuries and illnesses. Ironically, numerous California health care professionals find themselves dealing with work-related injuries since the field comes with many risks and dangers. Those who suffer injuries may find themselves unable to work, leading to financial stress.

Injuries and healthcare work

Sprains are common injuries found in many jobs, and the lifting and carrying duties health care workers perform place them at risk for such problems. Moving a patient from a bed to a gurney could cause much more severe sprains than people realize. Even though hospital workers might understand the potential hazards, knowing about them is not the same as avoiding them.

Other troubling injuries could leave a health care worker suffering immensely. Broken bones and traumatic brain injuries may occur since health care professionals face constant risks. For example, tripping, slipping, and falling might be impossible to avoid.

Sadly, patients could become violent and lash out at a nurse or another worker. Even in calm environments, exposure to airborne viruses may leave a worker terribly sick.

Financial concerns after an injury

A health care worker that suffers a broken leg could be out of work for months. Some injuries may lead to permanent disabilities, necessitating a job change at much lower pay. Such scenarios raise concerns about how a worker could meet life’s expenses with less money available. Thankfully, various types of work-related injuries may be covered under workers’ compensation laws.

A workers’ compensation claim may provide enough funds to cover many expenses while recovering from an injury. California is a no-fault state, meaning the injured person need not prove negligence to file a claim.