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Teachers and workplace injury risks

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2022 | Types Of Work-Related Injuries |

As a teacher, it is essential to go over the many risks that you face in the workplace. Although some people think that teachers have a relatively safe job in terms of work-related injuries, many teachers sustain serious injuries each year and these accidents happen for a host of reasons.

If you suffered an injury while teaching or working as an educator in another capacity, you need to develop a comprehensive understanding of resources that could help you move forward, such as workers’ compensation.

Data highlights the workplace injury risks teachers face

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics covers some of the common reasons why teachers suffer injuries in job-related accidents. For example, some teachers become hurt as a result of violence, while others suffer injuries due to motor vehicle accidents. Slipping on a wet surface and tripping over clutter also cause many teachers to sustain injuries at work.

In addition, some educators suffer as a result of a job-related illness, overexerting themselves, exposure to toxic substances and coming into contact with dangerous objects.

Workplace injuries can shatter a teacher’s life

If you suffer an injury while teaching, you could have to take time off of work to recover. Depending on the extent of your injury, returning to work could become impossible altogether. You could also face challenges due to medical costs, emotional difficulties and expenses associated with rehabilitation.

Fortunately, workers’ comp helps many teachers and injured workers in other fields recover from accidents. Whether you currently face challenges due to an accident at work or you worry about the risks you face as a teacher, it is important to review workers’ comp benefits.