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Fatal construction accident prompts federal investigation

On Behalf of | May 25, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

There are a variety of hazards that construction workers in California and across the country face as they complete their daily, work-related tasks. Though there are several precautions that can potentially keep workers safe, it is not possible to completely eliminate all risks. As such, those who work in this industry are at risk of being involved in a construction accident.

In fact, a recent incident in another state is currently being investigated. Reports indicate that crews were working at the site of townhome construction. Specifically, workers were installing sewer lines for the project. Unfortunately, reports indicate that a trench collapsed at the site.

One worker died at the scene, and his body had to be extracted by rescue workers. The second worker, a 19-year-old, suffered injuries, according to the fire chief. However, the coroner reports that he passed away after being transported to the hospital. 

Reports indicate that federal investigators, likely from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, responded to the scene. If they determine that the accident resulted from a failure to follow health or safety regulations, the victims’ employer could face fines, citations or a combination of both. While knowing that action is being taken to prevent similar accidents from being repeated in the future may provide the workers’ families some peace of mind, it will likely do little to lessen the burdens — including the financial consequences — that they are facing as a result of the fatal construction accident. Though they may be entitled to workers’ compensation insurance benefits, they may feel unprepared to seek these benefits without the help of an experienced professional who can guide them as they navigate the process. Many victims in California have sought such assistance in the pursuit of a fair settlement.