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Are there ways to prevent kitchen worker injuries?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Kitchen workers might find themselves at risk for various injuries, and some could be serious ones requiring a trip to the emergency room. While cooks and other kitchen staff may face numerous risks due to their spending an entire work shift near a kitchen’s hazards, other employees could end up hurt even when only briefly walking into the area. Employers will find some benefits to taking safety steps to prevent injuries.

Common kitchen injuries

A kitchen could be a busy place, meaning workers don’t always pay attention to safety. Focusing on multiple tasks at once might lead to someone suffering a deep laceration. Taking eyes off a task at hand, such as cutting meats and vegetables with a sharp knife, may make stitches unavoidable. Cuts and punctures are typical injuries in a kitchen, so keeping sharp objects away when not in use is advisable. When staff members are using these objects, letting their attention wander risks a regrettable incident.

Cleaning up spills and messes should be a top priority in any kitchen. A chef could spill something, and the staff might choose not to rush the cleanup until after peak serving hours end. That may lead to a slip-and-fall accident. Making sure the floors aren’t slippery is one way to reduce falls. Keeping objects, including boxes of food supplies, out of everyone’s path might also prevent a fall and a workers’ comp claim.

Beware of hazards

Burn injuries could happen in many ways in a kitchen thanks to all the hot objects and surfaces. Not all burns sting and turn the skin red; spilling hot cooking oil could lead to a terrible injury. Fires could break out, causing a life-threatening situation.

Managers should look into ways of better instructing the staff on how to avoid mishaps. Knowledge about preventive steps could help keep injuries to a minimum.