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Amazon warehouses and injury concerns

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Few would disagree that working in a warehouse comes with risks. A warehouse can be a busy environment where many people move about performing potentially dangerous tasks. A trip to a California emergency room could be unavoidable when a worker suffers a terrible injury. Some workers might be more at risk than others, as some Amazon workers may believe.

Amazon warehouses and dangers

Amazon delivers millions of orders to customers around the world. Moving freight from warehouses to planes, vans, and trucks facilitates the delivery. Oddly, workers who perform numerous physical duties may find themselves at a greater risk for injuries at Amazone facilities than other employers.

The Strategic Organizing Center (SOC) revealed a surprising fact about Amazon warehouses. Although Amazon employs roughly one-third of all warehouse workers, the company, 49% of warehouse injuries occur at Amazon locations.

The dangers present in a warehouse vary. Some hazards exist outside the physical building, as trucks and cars moving around parking lots present accident risks. In general, people inside the warehouse likely face the most dangers. Slip-and-fall accidents and falling objects could hurt someone, and so might mishaps with tools.

Worries about life after an injury

Even a minor injury may lead to financial troubles for employees. Missing work for one week due to a sprain could lead someone to fall behind on their bills. Several months of recovery might prove devastating. Thankfully, workers’ compensation claims may help an injured worker pay for some expenses.

Filing for workers’ compensation typically involves submitting necessary forms and evidence. However, employers sometimes challenge injury claims. Initial claims may face denials. However, there could be ways for workers to challenge these issues on appeal.