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Typical work-related injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2022 | Types Of Work-Related Injuries |

Injuries happen without warning and in many environments. Professionals who work in hazardous jobs may worry about suffering an injury, even when they wear protective clothing and avoid making mistakes. A job need not be dangerous for someone to get hurt, as California employees could fall or suffer burns in a breakroom’s kitchen. So, it might be helpful for workers to be mindful of common on-the-job accidents.

Three typical work-related accidents

It may be impossible to overstate the dangers of slip-and-fall accidents. Anyone could slip or trip in any environment. It may take very little for someone to stumble while walking and multitasking, and even a seemingly minor fall could lead to severe injuries.

At a construction site, a worker might drop a tool from a third floor, hitting someone on ground level. Consider that to be another accident that might be impossible to avoid.

Pushing objects might lead to injuries as well. For example, a worker pushing a cart loaded with routine office supplies could hit someone. A more egregious example may involve a co-worker driving a delivery truck and hitting a colleague.

Other concerning injuries

Unexpected mishaps at an office or other non-hazardous jobs happen, but the odds are workers face greater injuries in more dangerous environments. Anyone working around chemicals, flames, electricity, or moving parts faces dangers. Exposure to toxic fumes and airborne diseases may also result in health scares.

And some work-related injuries result from routine duties. Manual labor may cause wear and tear on the body, leading to repetitive stress injuries. Acute overexertion injuries might happen, too.

Anyone who suffers injuries on the job might worry about their financial situation. Workers’ compensation claims could provide a solution to those concerns.