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What you need to know about workers’ compensation in California

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation helps people recover financially from injuries or illnesses that occur due to their job. Laws in California require that employers provide workers’ comp. Often this happens through the company’s insurance.

Understanding what workers’ compensation can cover and the process of getting these benefits helps you stay prepared should you ever become injured or develop an illness from your work.

What types of injuries qualify?

Injuries at work may happen due to an accident, such as a fall, or develop over time from repeated actions that put stress on the body. In some cases, psychological problems that result from stressful work environments may also qualify for compensation.

In many cases, even if you can continue working after a work-related injury without taking any days off, your employer should still pay for medical expenses such as doctor visits. Generally, if your injury leads to temporary or even permanent disability, your employer should follow specific workers’ compensation protocols and provide payments to you.

What process should you follow after an injury?

Your employer should provide training and resources to help prevent accidents and injuries at work, but should an injury occur, you need to follow the proper process for compensation. First, report your injuries to your supervisor as soon as possible.

If the situation is serious or life-threatening, call emergency services. Unless you have predesignated your personal doctor prior to the injury, you may need to follow your employer’s instructions about which medical care facilities you may use.

In many cases, no matter who holds responsibility for a work-related accident, those with injuries should receive compensation. Whether or not your job is dangerous, having an understanding of your rights as an employee only benefits you.