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Slips, trips and falls cause 29% of nonfatal hospitality injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

The pace of work is rapid in restaurant environments across California and the rest of the nation, and the frenetic pace of hospitality work is one of the reasons aches, pains and injuries are so common in the service industry. Many service-industry injuries result from the same or similar circumstances. Also, many who suffer serious injuries while working in restaurants do so after slipping, tripping or falling.

According to Modern Restaurant Management, slips, trips and falls cause about 29% of all nonfatal injuries suffered by today’s hospitality workers.

What causes slips, trips and falls in restaurants

Restaurant kitchens are often small, and when many people are trying to get work done quickly, this raises the risk of a fall. The sometimes-frantic pace of restaurant work also means workers may not take care of spilled liquids right away, which further compounds injury risks for restaurant employees. Other factors that might contribute to slips and falls among restaurant workers include dim lighting, curled rug corners or items cluttering walkways or aisles.

How to help reduce slips, trips and falls in restaurants

Restaurant employers have an ethical duty to eliminate fall risks as much as possible. Part of this involves making sure their restaurants have adequate lighting and a process in place for promptly addressing spills. Restaurant employers should also post signs when spills do occur and add brightly colored tape to small steps or other areas that might otherwise contribute to employee fall risks.

Restaurant workers who suffer serious injuries from falling in eateries may, depending on the situation, be eligible for workers’ compensation.