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What are work-related back injuries?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2023 | Types Of Work-Related Injuries |

Work-related back injuries cause pain, impairment and emotional distress. In addition, recovery can be a time-consuming and costly process.

If you are an employee working in California, it is important to learn about common work-related back injuries and how to address them when they occur.

Back injuries in the workplace

Jobs that involve heavy lifting can contribute to the development of back injuries. Bending or twisting while carrying a heavy load can seriously damage your back. A workplace accident can lead to fractured vertebrae. Additionally, back injuries can result from posture issues, poor ergonomics and repetitive motion.

Soft tissue injuries like sprains and strains are common, and symptoms include pain, muscle spasms and difficulty with certain movements. Herniated disks impact the spine and vertebrae leading to nerve pain, numbness and weakness. Workers can also develop conditions like arthritis and sciatica over time, resulting in stiffness, limited mobility and ongoing pain.

Treatment and workers’ compensation

Many back injuries require a few weeks of rest to heal properly. Sometimes people with back injuries also need treatments like physical therapy, medication and surgery. Workers’ compensation can support employees who need time to recover from an injury and require coverage for medical expenses.

You should inform your employer and seek prompt medical care if you experience back pain. Documenting your symptoms and undergoing diagnostic tests like X-rays and CT scans can provide evidence for your injury. It is also important for your workers’ compensation claim to tell your doctor and employer that your injury is work-related.

You can develop back injuries on the job that require time off from work and medical attention. The workers’ compensation program can help you if you have a work-related back injury.