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Proving your job’s role in your California workplace injury

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Sustaining an injury while on the job can be distressing, especially when it affects your long-term well-being and ability to work. In California, you need to understand how to demonstrate that your job is a contributing cause to your injury to receive the full compensation you deserve.

Following these steps can give you the best chance at complying with your workers’ compensation policy and establishing the link between your job and the injury you sustained.

Document the work environment

Make sure that you maintain a record of the work environment, including any hazards or safety concerns. The United Nations Global Compact reports that an average of 7,500 people die each day due to unsafe work conditions, so you should report any dangerous circumstances at your own job. Detailed notes about the tasks you were performing when the injury occurred can also strengthen your case.

Report the injury

As soon as you sustain an injury at work, report it to your supervisor or manager. This establishes a clear timeline and shows that the injury occurred during work hours. Seeking medical attention immediately afterward ensures your well-being and provides you with medical records that can support your claim.

Gather witness statements

If any colleagues or other individuals witnessed the incident, gather their unbiased accounts of what happened. Make sure to record the names and contact information of these witnesses for future reference.

Your workers’ compensation benefits are there to help you when your job causes you to suffer a life-changing injury. If the insurance company makes it difficult to get the compensation you deserve, having evidence that proves your work’s contributions to the injury may make all the difference.