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Delayed Or Denied Benefits

After a work injury, you need to start receiving your workers’ compensation benefits as soon as possible. However, sometimes legitimate workers’ comp claims are delayed or even denied by the employer. At the Law Offices of Antony E. Gluck, PC, we can explain your full range of options and fight to protect your rights if your workers’ compensation benefits have been delayed or denied.

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Has Your Employer Delayed A Decision On Your Claim?

After you give your employer a completed Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC-1), the employer has 14 days to accept, reject or delay a decision on the claim. If the claim is delayed, your employer then has 90 days to decide whether to accept or deny the claim.

While your claim is delayed, your employer is still obligated to provide up to $10,000 of medical care for your work injury. However, the employer is not obligated to provide temporary disability benefits (TD payments) while your claim is delayed.

If this is your situation, we can help. We have extensive experience in these matters, and we can help you explore every available option for expediting your claim and getting you the disability benefits you need to move forward. We can represent you throughout the workers’ compensation process and handle every aspect of your claim so that you can focus on what matters most: regaining your health.

Denied Benefits? It’s Not The End Of The Road.

If your workers’ compensation benefits have been denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. But to do that successfully, it is crucial that you have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side.

Founding attorney Antony E. Gluck has handled both sides of workers’ compensation claims, defending against them and bringing them on behalf of injured workers. He knows the tactics employers and their insurance companies use to deny workers their rightful benefits, and he can fight back on your behalf to help you get the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

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